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Trout Lily Defies Creeping Charlie

One of the many problems for the survival of the iconic Trout Lily and Dwarf Trout Lily (Endangered in MN) is the rampant spreading of Creeping Charlie (Invasive) into our gardens and woodlands. They need our help to put up a fight for survival. This little mom shows her determination in my garden.

Trout Lily Defies Creeping Charlie

6.5″ x 6.5″

20745 Mary Anne OMalley

Phlox, Bright Eyes and Franz Schubert were painted to honor both my Mother and my sister, Carol. My Mother was a wonderful gardener who worked tirelessly for her family and her garden-

My sister Carol was a beautiful musician who gave lessons for many years, composed music for theatrical groups and wrote music for the intermediate level of instruction through Hal Leonard in Milwaukee, Wisc.

I miss them both so much and wanted to portray their bright light that still flutters on this earth.

Phlox, Bright Eyes & Franz Schubert

14″ x 22″